Q:How Much Wallpaper I Need?

A:Calculate the square footage of the wall space you are papering and divide it by the square feet of one roll. because there will be some wasted wallpaper since the pattern on neighboring strips needs to match up. order at least 1-2 extra rolls.


Q:What Tools Do You Need?

A:1. A measuring tape & pencil

  1. Smoothing tool
  2. A small utility knife with snap-off blades
  3. Scissors, is super helpful for more detailed cuts like in the corners


Q:How to install wallpaper?

A:1. Clean your wall

  1. Measure and cut along the backing grid to the right size
  2. Peel off the backing paper and paste it onto the wall
  3. Smooth air bubbles with a smoothing tool or poke with a tiny needle


Q:Problems that occasionally appear

A:1. Curl and wrinkle issue: the new wallpaper may curl due to long-distance transportation, but it will not affect its use. The wrinkles can be smoothed with a scraper.

  1. Bubbles issue: There may be bubbles when pasting wallpaper, do not tear off repeated pasting, you could take a small needle or other sharp objects to poke small holes, and then scrape.
  2. Pattern line-up issue: If the pattern cannot line up you can try to solve the problem by covering the edge or matching it in multiple sections.
  3. Odor issue: Our products use environmentally friendly ink, and there is no health threat, because the production of sealed delivery may leave some odor, it is recommended to open and place one to two days after receiving.
  4. Sticky issue: If the wallpaper is not sticky enough(wall type does not suit well ), We suggest that you use a hair dryer or glue to assist in wallpapering. 

Q:How to use window film?

A:1. Of course clean glass really well first.

  1. Cut the film to fit but and this matters you have to leave 1/16th inch gap to give the water a channel to drain out when you squeegee the product.
  2. Tear off the transparent protective film on the smooth side, don't forget.
  1. Add a little dish soap to your spray bottle, and when you spray make sure you set the bottle nozzle to “mist” and not “stream”.
  2. Scrape away water and air bubbles from the centre outwards.
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